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Welcome to the new beginning of Chronolabs. We have been a cooperative for the last 6 years, we are currently reshaping our business structure to a private company listed in Australia through ASIC. We will be keeping the current board of directors in the private company as the co-op.

Part of this change include moving from the .coop TLD to a TLD with that same wholesome timely name that you have know and learned to trust. This also means this timelab is not publicly accessible as it is as a co-op where everyone would have at least used something developed in a laboratory in time, making them normally an automatically a member of Chronolabs.

It also means we will sadly be unable to remain responsible for everyone in the vector of the laboratory where we currently develop open source in the wider community. But don't worry no one can take away from you the 6 years you spent in the lab with our chronolabian staff and members.

We also have a new constitution that will be listed on the site to ensure that the directors and staff maintain the high standards you have come to expect in the lab in all vectors of time, this was prepared by the Communication Research Institute (

So in this transition phase i ask you be patient with us and in the mean time just know for us the biological illusion of time and development of any product will be in the field of keeping good merit and betterment of life, cause all that is in life is life itself and the survival of our end users and clients in this busy chaotic world and cosmos.

Simon Roberts
CEO & Founder