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The Chronolabs cooperative has been operating from Sydney and around Australia from June 2006, we have and offer both closed and open source solutions to both the website consumer (Someone who needs a website) which can be either Person, Business or Government we also offer some Scientific testing and forensic systems as well as study broader topics away from web-design, the internet that are Boarder-line in this industry and beyond.

Starting as a small start-up in 2006, Chronolabs has gone from strength to strength in supporting the Open Source community, namely XOOPS (see: http://xoops.org) which was adopted by Chronolabs as a lot of the programmers from our community of developing this period was new to languages like PHP and LAMP Stack and XOOPS being OOP CI which is used in all VS and VS.NET it was the ideal choice for in-depth analysis and learning these open control mechanism coming from a Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET.

Chronolabs consists of a paneled board that has its general meeting every 2 – 4 years depending on verbosity of new board members and placements to meet under. You can be elected if your application is accepted to the Chronolabs cooperative board if you have an Australian Tax-file number that is current & are legally by the corporations act able to hold a board member position.

We process out Taxation and Financial reporting to the Australian Government every five years if on average our gross yield is below 75k AUD a year and embrace all facets of open and easy communication both with Government representatives as well as offer advice and analysis on a broad range of topics in the industry!

We also have in the range of titles available at the Chronolabs cooperative the following categories of Association and Affiliation with our business, remember some of them also have artwork and business cards that you can contact us if they are not listed on our open distribution, here on source-forge, these titles include (Not Limited too):

  1. Patron & Associate Member
  2. Executive Directors (Exclusive too)
    1. Chairperson
    2. Chief Executive Officer
    3. Managing Director
    4. President
    5. Treasure
    6. Secretary
    7. Indigenous Affairs
    8. Government Liaison
  3. None-executive Directors (Not Limited Too)
    1. Openness Director
    2. Indigenous Assistive
    3. Assisting Secretary
    4. Assisting Treasure
    5. Assisting Manager
    6. Marketing Manager
    7. Legal Council
    8. Research & Development
    9. Software Development
  4. Staff & Contractors
  5. Media Providers & Producers
  6. Assistive Technical Support
  7. Infrastructure Providers
  8. Fellows & Councils
  9. Associative Members
  10. Affiliated Organization
  11. Support Officers
  12. Testing Officers
  13. 3rd Party & 2nd Hand Providers
  14. Life-time members
  15. Volunteers
  16. Freeloading Members & End Users


This list of 16 Primary titles of affiliation, association or entitlement is the basis of our structure around ownership with-in the cooperative which is laid out in our schedule of ownership documents and policies. This is held together in our constitution which is drafted and altered by Prof. David Sless (Our Senior Fellow & Council from the Communication Research Institute – see: http://communication.org.au).

We just don’t only touch on the Internet and Web-site design, we are a multifaceted business that does take offers of buy-ins and business investments please contact the CEO about this if you are looking to or are interested in either of these! We also offer philanthropic services in cost and financial planning for any project we undertake – to those that are most needy so we aren’t a business that take’s highest buyer first to a project.

Well that is a bit about us, how about you get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved by emailing ceo@labs.coop.

Prices on registrar.labs.coop

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Physical Restrospecitives:

When Information/Data/Resources of other none dependices layers or diassafilates are provided through time, we on times & repeats exhume this information back to you and do not distribute in anyway your private information!